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Secured loans are specialist loans that are available only to homeowners, and this is because these loans are secured against the home. For many people secured loans offer an affordable and effective way to borrow money and raise finance, allowing them to unlock the equity in their homes without having to actually sell up and move on.

With secured loans it is extremely important that carefully consider whether this is the right loan for you, as failure to keep up with repayments could result in you losing your home. It is vital that you make sure you can comfortably afford the repayments, bearing in mind that interest rate hikes can affect the variable rate on these loans and therefore can affect your monthly repayments.

There are both pros and cons to taking out secured loans, and homeowners that are considering this type of loan should weigh up both the pros and cons in order to determine whether these loans are right for them.

There are a number of providers of secured loans for consumers to choose from, and it is also worth remembering that the interest rates, repayment periods, and terms and conditions can vary from one lender to another, and therefore if you are planning to take out a secured loan you should make sure that you compare quotes and loans from a number of lenders in order to find the right one for your needs.

Consumers that take out secured loans are able to enjoy increased borrowing power compared to unsecured finance, which tends to allow loans of up to ВЈ25,000.

You can borrow far more than this with most secured loans, although the amount that you will ultimately be eligible to borrow will depend on your personal circumstances, your credit rating, your income, and the equity in your home.

You can work out the level of equity in your home by deducting any outstanding mortgage or other loans secured on the home from the market value of the property.

The repayment periods offered on secured loans are also way longer than those offered on unsecured loans, which typically offer repayment periods of up to seven years.

The longer repayment periods offered with secured loans means that you can spread your loan over a longer period, and this in turn means that you can reduce the amount that you have to repay each month.

The main disadvantages with this are that you will be in debt for a long time if your take your loan over a longer period, and you will pay more in interest overall over the term of the loan.

Of course, the other main disadvantage with secured loans is that the loan is secured against the home, and therefore if you stop making repayments on your loan for whatever reason you may find that your home is at risk.

Before committing to a secured loan you should carefully look at your options and decide whether this is the best option for you. Your decision should be based on the amount that you wish to borrow, the amount that your can afford to repay each month, and even your credit rating.

Often those with poor credit that cannot get unsecured finance find that they are eligible to take out secured loans providing they are homeowners.

Some secured loans have terms and conditions that result in anyone that tries to pay off the loan early being financially penalized.

This is why you should always check the small print on secured loans before you sign up, as this will ensure that you don’t get any nasty surprises a few years down the line.

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